Waterfowl hunting - duck


Waterfowl Hunting

Andy has been hunting waterfowl in Florida for most of his life, and guiding since 1995. He can customize a trip for you exactly to your wishes. Hunting grounds include Everglades water conservation areas, Lake Okeechobee, the Kissimmee River and St. John’s river marsh.

Hunting for mottled duck in South Florida with Andy Thompson


Waterfowl hunting rates can vary based upon what you want to do and the where the hunting grounds are. We go where the birds are.


Species include ring-necked duck, Florida mottled duck, blue winged teal, green winged teal, widgeon, wood duck, black belly whistling duck, fulvous whistling duck, pintail and redheads.


We use custom airboats to access the hunting grounds. Hunts are conducted from natural blinds or lay-out boat.


Andy also guides snipe hunts. Snipe are great fun to hunt and will challenge your skill with their speed and erratic flight patterns. The challenges associated with hunting this bird were the genesis of the term “sniper,” a military sharpshooter.


Snipe live along the transition from water to dry ground and are hunted by walking and flushing the birds out of the grass. Snipe hunts can also be combined with duck hunting if you like.

Cast and Blast

Duck or snipe hunts can also be combined with fishing. Most commonly that would be for bass or shad. Just tell us what you’re dream trip is and let’s have some fun.

You Need To Know

Hunters must supply their own waders, guns and shells. Trips with a single guide are limited to two hunters. However we can accommodate larger groups too with our experienced guides.

Most hunts are around 4 hours, or until you’ve bagged your limit. But, we’ve customized trips many ways depending upon your wishes and logistics. Let’s talk about what’s perfect for you.

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